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Light and strong, these fore sails furlers are made from one single aluminum block and set in black arnite spool

FR is designed for a range of vessels from dinghy to big yachts as well as customized unit. Drum and head are in Aluminum 6082T6 machined from billet and they works on stainless steel bearings specially made by UBI MAIOR ITALIA®. In this way bearings move better and with better load distribution than current ones on the market.

A safety flap prevents the loop exiting during the maneuver.

In the same range there are also the attachment for the sail, classic thimbles, boards for double

forestay and tack plate all made and guaranteed by UBI MAIOR ITALIA

The fore sails furler RE-WIND® is probably the “deus ex machina” for the management of code zero and gennaker.

It is the first ever furler with a PATENTED system of excludible ratchet. The first advantage that this product offers is that it assists during sail closure: the internal ratchet (easily equipping by textile activation) avoid the sail opening during the furling time. This it becomes possible to have the loop free as well during the closing without the risk of accidental opening of the sail.

This allows, with waves and strong wind, to increase sailor safety who can leave the loop and keep himself safe or manage accidents. All this features in one light and compact product.

RE-WIND® is different from other FR Avvolgitori by its special layout and the selection system in the lower part of the spool. RE-WIND® as well the other Ubi Maior Italia’s classic furlers are available in two version.:

RW with fixed tack (code zero, stay sail and genoa) or RWm with free tack for very “deep” gennakers.

The Ubi Maior Furlers are made in different sizes for boats from 20 to 100 feet.

Bigger sizes are available for custom projects.