lancelin rope supplier

Innovation, rigorous quality control, ongoing research, state-of-the-art technology and thorough manufacturing processes have been the key values of Lancelin over the last hundred years. Lancelin is a fourth generation rope manufacturing company, and the passion and intimate knowledge of rope is evident in their workmanship.

Their vast experience, attention to innovative raw materials and their will to develop new products means Lancelin can work hand in hand with the latest technologies. They are one of the test centres for DSM’s Dyneema® products and are always at the forefront in terms of the technology and material that they use. This is why 85% of French boatyards use Lancelin products. They also supply most of the high end, high performance yachts, such as L’Hydroptere, which is currently the fastest boat in the world. They also have fast lead times for fully customised ropes.

lanceline ropes sydney
From the first time we saw Lancelin ropes, we were impressed by the products integrity and state of the art materials used produce the many types of ropes available. Not to mention its good looks. We also love that you can custom design it for your yachts colours and uses, which is brilliant and will certainly set it apart from all the others whilst remaining very competitive in price.

Nicholas Lancelin is the forth generation to own and run Lancelin since it began in 1907, and his passion and knowledge is evident in everything he does. He brings with him over 100 years of experience to ensure that Lancelin are at the forefront of development, whilst ensuring that they represent the best in the marketplace today. This is why they are the manufacturer of choice for many of the yacht production factories as well as the high end racing yachts.

lancelin ropes sydney