sailing yacht management in sydney

Service & Maintance

Yacht maintence is essential for safe cruising and fast racing and we offer three packages to suit all budgets.

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We come on board and have a good look all of your deck and mast equipment from the top of the mast to the stearing cable and give you a report from the parts condition and suggest a service a replacement if that need.

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Permanent Cuising

This package is designed to give you, a private boat captain, full precision servicing at just a fraction of the cost. During our monthly appraisal we check everything from all moving parts to lubricant and provide you with a Monthly Status Report to ensure prevention of issues before they arise. (*min one year contract)

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Permanent Racing Package

Permanent Yacht Management Racing Package
Monthly check of parts flush and lubricant moving part send report to you
  • Annual rig tune (1)
  • Monitor rig tension and adjust as required (1)
  • Release rig tension for the off-season (1)
  • Two winch services (max 4) – one pre-season and one before your main racing
  • Maintain marks on deck and hallyards
  • Listed Repairs – after a race, we guarantee to complete your Listed Repairs before the next race. (If parts are unavailable in Australia we will find an alternate solution)
  • Check all your sails in our workshop; suggest repairs, re-cuts and general maintence; replace tail talls and patches if need (2)
  • Rig, sail and deck hardware development
  • *Parts not included (>50 ft boat)