Standing Rigging Sydney

We offer a complete re-rig solution with wire, rod, composite rigging, swageing rod re-heading. Rod DYE test is also available.

Our service includes the mast un-step, strip, assemble, step and static tune. A typical re-rig takes about five days so you don’t miss any cruising or racing opportunity on weekend.

Rig inspection Insurance

We are qualified riggers so we can complete your rigging inspection in Sydney and report for your insurance company.
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Static Rig Tune

A Static Rig Tune is based on information provided by you. We measure-up your current settings and make adjustments to create a new mast setting to optomise your rig. We don’t sail with the boat.

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Dynamic Rig Tune

This tune starts with us sailing with you and your crew for a twilight race so we can appraise the boats performance, sail shape, driving habit etc. We then measure-up your current settings and make the required adjustments to create a new mast setting to optimise your rig.

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Full Service Rig Tune

A full service tune includes both pre-tune and post-tune sailing. Post-tune sailing enables us to suggest new sail settings and options for your new rig setting. We make marks and scales for your hallyard and control lines which will make your performance more consistence and include whipping marks on the ropes and printed scale on deck.

Rig Tune

So, when do you need a rig tune? As the sails and your boats’ dynamics change over the years, there are many reasons for a rig tune. We offer three precision rig tuning options to address the following issues.

  • a new sail requires your mast be
  • adjusted to maximise the benefit of a
  • new sail
  • the mast setting is moving
  • the wire is too old
  • the sails are streching
  • the boat structure getting softer
  • overhelmed or underhelmed
  • your upwind pointing is lower than your competition
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Running Rigging

Over time, all ropes gets stiff and rigid which makes handling difficult. Keeping your running rig and control lines up-to-date is a most important thing you can have to ensure quick boat handling when racing and easy if cruising.

Ropes – From double braid polyester to the high performance racing lines, in many colour structures and covers, we have huge range of ropes in stock at our workshop. If you’re unsure which type of rope is best for you, why not c0me in and take a look at the options. We’re always happy to help you make the right decision.

Different rope materials each have a different lifespan as shown in the approximations below:

  • Polyester 5-7 years
  • Spectra, Dyneema covered 4-5 years
  • Dyneema uncovered, Vectran 3-4 years
  • PBO rigging 3 years

Splicing – We can make just about any type of splice found in the four corners of the world. From the double braid eye splice thru to mooring lines and Dyneema stropes.

Recovering – We have a large selection of cover on stock so if there is no damage to the ropes’ core, they just need stiffening or you want better grip you don’t need to buy the core – we can simply re-cover and re-splice for you.

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Deck Gear

Do you need something to work better? Maybe be a little lighter? Is everything in the right spot? We’re the ones able to solve those problem for you. It’s just part of offering a one-stop complete boat solution. 

If you’re planning any development on your boat we’re here to assist by working with you to identify what you really need before creating a new system for you.

Our team undertake design of a new boats deck layout to ensure every thing is on a right spot and working well. We are familiar with all the premium brands and regularly service winch and deck gear from